Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wedding Wednesday : 311 Days

Wedding Wednesday on a wedding blog? ...Yeah I'm not too sure either! I suppose on Wednesdays I'll start posting neat ideas for my wedding, or possibly even for your own! 

I may have never given much thought to my wedding, but as a girl who loves writing, I always thought exchanging love letters the morning/day of the wedding would be really neat. There's no outline I can give of what to write, if you choose to do this make it come from your heart not some wedding blog online.

Not only is this important, but praying with him before the wedding is also important to me. I know tradition says you can't let the groom see you, and he doesn't have to! Each of you stand on one side of a door and hold hands, you could even stand back to back if you trust yourselves enough not to cheat! Either way, I know that moment alone before my wedding will be important! It's a good thing to follow up the letter exchange with!

Now if you're opposed to the above idea, here's something that isn't traditional, yet it doesn't involve seeing/talking to/or hearing the groom before the wedding. The picture above can either be a first fight box, or first anniversary box. The morning of the wedding you write each other a letter, then during the ceremony you set apart a time to put the letters in the box, possibly with a bottle of wine... in James and I's case, sparkling juice ;) But on your first anniversary, first fight, or whatever occasion you choose you open up the box and finally read the letters and share a drink. 

I take no credit at all for this box idea, I've found it on a few sites like interest, or some blogs I follow, still a neat idea that I wanted to share though! It can be used as an alternate for unity sand, or a unity candle or just a whole separate portion of the ceremony! 

I'm thinking next Wednesday might cover wedding cake ideas, or how to decorate your own cake :) Guess we'll see! 


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